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About Us

The California Latinx Psychological Association (CLPA) was created in 2003 as an organization to advocate for improved mental health services for diverse Latinx communities. The association provides a networking venue for Latinx mental health providers, scholars, students and professionals dedicated to the wellbeing of the Latinx community.

Our passion in maintaining the CLPA is inspired by a call to social justice and advocacy; a call that guides our healing approaches, whether they are in practice or in research. Our mission includes particular attention to addressing the needs of those who endure daily distress in their communities, schools, and in the workplace. Our mission focuses on addressing a wide variety of issues ranging from the psychological wellbeing of the individual and family, to the mental health of our communities and the impact racism, oppression and disproportionate access to services have had on Latinx communities statewide.

The CLPA continues to grow, building a social and professional network via consultation groups, student groups, seminars, and conferences that address a myriad of issues facing Latinx in California. A foundation in our effort is ongoing collaboration with national associations, colleges and universities, and public and private institutions. Through the collaborative effort of mental health professionals, students, statewide public officials and community members, the CLPA serves both our local communities and our statewide professional family of clinicians, scholars, and students. In this regard the CLPA advocates for the increased attention of Latinx issues in the areas of research, clinical training, academic opportunities, and community education and the development of affirming public policy. This includes an emphasis on approaching research, training and the development of statewide legislation from a strength-based perspective, with a deep respect for the healing power inherent within our culture and in honoring the contributions of prior Latinx mental health professionals across generations and borders.

The California Latinx Psychological Association welcomes all those who are interested in Latinx mental health issues, endorse the principles of the CLPA, meet the membership requirements, and who will be active in the development of the association. We encourage you to join us and to participate in building a more just and hopeful future for our communities.

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