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Mission Statement

The California Latinx Psychological Association (CLPA) is dedicated to advocating and serving the mental health needs of the Latinx community. CLPA is invested in the clinical, research and academic issues related to Latinx Psychology. The CLPA advocates for social justice on issues affecting the mental health of Latinx communities; and the quality of education, training and work environments of Latinx Psychologists. The CLPA has the following goals:

A. To advance the development, understanding and dissemination of Latinx Psychology by fostering its application for the benefit of Latino communities throughout California;
B. To advocate for the enhancement and integration of research, practice and scholarship on Latinx mental health issues.
C. To improve the quality of training that prepares all mental health service providers to work with Latinx communities and to endorse the study of Latino issues in psychology.
D. To facilitate interdisciplinary communication by creating a network among Latinx service providers and educators of all disciplines who address the quality of life and mental health issues within the Latinx community.
E. To promote and support mentoring programs that specifically prepare Latinx psychologists and other mental health workers to become leaders in the field and to advocate Latinx Psychology as an area of study.

The California Latinx Psychological Association is open to all those who are interested in Latinx mental health issues, endorse the principles of the CLPA, meet the membership requirements, and participate in the development of the association.

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